Board of Governors Meeting Highlights

October 3-4, 2019 – Key Highlights relating to CSU-Pueblo

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Student Veterans Discussion with Board of Governors

Board Chair’s Agenda

Audit and Finance Commitee Page 6

  • Kim Jordan, Chair

Audit Items

  • Status of FY 2019-2020 Audit Plan 9
  • Review of Audit Reports Issued 11
  • Status of Past Due Audit Recommendations 15
  • IT update: CSU-Pueblo hired IT security director

Finance Items

  • State Budget Update 18
    • The Department of Higher Education continues to redesign the allocation formula for State funds.
    • The recent economic forecasts were downgraded only slightly and for the moment, the projected available new money for State government is not significantly different than the projections from June. 
    • The Department of Higher Education does not yet have information about the request for new State funds and tuition rate increases from the Office of the Governor.  The primary scenario that we have been seeing from the Department increases State support by 2% and does not include an allowed tuition increase.
    • Campus Budget Updates with Tuition Discussion 19

CSU-Pueblo: FY 2021 Incremental E&G Budget Scenarios based on tuition increases 21

President Mottet updated the Board on CSU-Pueblo enrollment planning. Current initiatives being explored include:

  1. Tuition of undergraduate residents: Looking at consolidating tuition options down to two: residential and nonresidential. This would add capacity of nonresidential students
    1. Residential assets: currently 200 open beds – want to use 100 as scholarships: an enticement to TX and CA prospective students.
    1. Desire to change live-on campus requirements: Current policies allow for students residing in Pueblo to have the option of living on campus or off campus. This is an important driver for prospective students who are financially challenged.

Want to change policy to 50 Mile radius to include El Paso County, which will expand enrollment opportunities to those outside of Pueblo, (COS)

                Proposed Change to residential policy was Supported by Board members

  • CSU System Treasury Update 24
    • CSU System Debt Capacity Update
    • Meridian Village and LSC and Adult Learner and Veteran Services Project Plan of Finance 39
    • Action on Eighteenth Supplemental Resolution System Enterprise Revenue Bonds 2020 68

 CSU-Pueblo Reports Page 95

  • Student Report – Presented by Kacie Adair 96
    • Updates included:
      • Packfest
      • Handshake partnership
      • HACU Conference
      • Homecoming
      • Winter Wonderland
  • Faculty Report – Presented by Matthew Cranswick 99
    • Highlights included:
      • Achievements of HSB, CEEPS, CHAS, Library Services
        • Senate Retreat and Executive Committee
        • Faculty concerns
  • President’s report – Presented by Tim Mottet 103
    • Highlights included:
      • Enrollment update
        • Budget and Finance update
        • Shared the recent success of our faculty:
          • National poetry award
          • CIS ranked 10th nationally
          • 2019 Video Award
        • Campaign update
        • Solar contract signed
      • Vision 2028 Metrics Page107
        • Infrastructure & Revenue Generation
        • Student experience and retention
          • Advising
          • Track Center
          • Job description
          • Graduate program

Engagement/Extension Report – Reagan Waskom page 116

Annual Public Safety Reports/Clery Report

  1. CSU-Pueblo – Johnna Doyle page 161

Real Estate/Facilities Committee Page 275

  • Steve Gabel, Chair

Open Session

ACTION on CSU Pueblo Right of Way Dedication – Extension of Walking Stick Blvd. 280


Friday, October 4, 2019

Academic and Student Affairs Committee Page 281

  • Dean Singleton, Chair
  • Action on CSU-Pueblo renaming the College of Humanities and Social Science (CHASS) page 326

Chancellor’s Report Page 376

Highlights included:

  • CSU System Government Affairs – Federal
    • CSU System Government Affairs – State, including CSU System’s endorsement of Proposition CC
    • CSU-System-wide updates
    • Campus updates, including work with CSU-Pueblo ongoing through BFS Kuali for improved systems and controls.
    • President Mottet hosted Executive Vice Chancellor Parsons at the Chile and Frijoles Festival in September, including a reception with local leaders to highlight opportunities at the CSU Campus at the National Western Center.
    • State-wide Partnerships

Strategic Mapping Update 379

Highlights included:

  • CCSU System Campus at NWC
  • Todos Santos Campus
  • CSU Sturm Collaboration Campus
  • CSU Pueblo Sustainability

Board Areas of Strategic Priorities

  • CSU‐Pueblo Sustainability
  • Portal Initiatives
  • Rural Colorado
  • Student Success
  • Access and Affordability
  • Allied Health Programs

Enrollment Reports

Preliminary enrollment numbers were presented by each campus


  • Down in first-year students
  • Up in graduate
  • Up in online
  • Final numbers will be available later in Oct.

Approval of Consent Agenda Page 396


Next Board of Governors Board Meeting/Retreat: December 5-6, 2019, Denver

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