Board of Governors Meeting Highlights

December 5-6, 2019 – Key Highlights relating to CSU-Pueblo

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Public Comment

Concerns were voiced for capturing and testing of birds at CSU-Fort Collins

Board Chair’s Agenda

Audit and Finance Committee Page 7

  • Kim Jordan, Chair

Audit Items

  • Status of FY 2019-2020 Audit Plan page 10
  • Review of Audit Reports Issued 12
    • Teacher Education Program Special Project (New)
    • PCI Security Compliance Consultation (New)
    • CSU-P Internal Controls Consultation
    • CSU-P Office of Research & Spons. Programs Audit     
    • CSU-P Student Financial Services Audit
    • CSU-P Data Security Controls Audit
    • CSU-P Assessment of IT Risk Consultation
  • Status of Past Due Audit Recommendations 18
    • Payroll recommendations to expand controls

Finance Items

  • State Budget Update 21
    • $25.4 million General Fund to increase affordability for students and families and to improve outcomes for students.  The Governor has recommended a new funding formula including a 10% reallocation of “base” funds.   $20.4 million in new funding will go to institutions and governing boards; $5 million for need-based financial aid.  The CSU system will receive $2.5 million in new funding.
    • 3.0% increase in resident, undergraduate tuition rates in FY 2020.
    • $4.3 million to fund scholarships to address early childhood educator workforce shortages.
    • $57.2 million in Capital Construction Projects for Higher Education including CSU Shepardson Building Renovation and Addition ($17.1M).
  • CSU Financial Statements 23
  • Budget Updates 31
    • CSU-Pueblo: FY 2021 Incremental E&G Budget Scenarios based on tuition increases 21

President Mottet  

President Mottet thanked Karl Spiecker for his service to CSU-Pueblo and congratulated him on his retirement.  

  1. Tuition of undergraduate residents: Consolidated tuition options down to two: residential and nonresidential. This would add capacity of nonresidential students. Projected to add 57 students due to change.
  2. 25% allocated to financial aid
  3. Using E&G to fund new programs in Nursing, Social Work, Athletic Training, and Health Sciences.
    1. CSU System:
  4. CSU System Incremental Education & General Budget Report 33
  5. CSU System Reserves Report: Approval of FY 2020 Reserves Withdrawal ($31 Million)37 APPROVED
    1. CSU System Treasury Investment Report: $614,141,956  38
  6. CSU System Treasury Update 40
  7. Resolution of 2nd Amendment to the 15th Supplemental Resolution – short-term lending 41 APPROVED
  8. Approval of CSURF Annual Capital Lease 49 APPROVED
  9. Banner update: Fort Collins and Pueblo implementing to increase efficiencies.
    1. Consolidating efforts at Fort Collins
    1. Rollout anticipated late 2020
    1. Request of $2.898 million for added management staffing; 10% contingencies for exigencies  
  10. Potential Capital Improvements: CSU Projects proposed for bond funding

State Legislative Priorities Update

Annual Research Reports

  1. CSU-Pueblo – Mohamed Abdelrahman, Provost  page 104
    1.  Metrics
      1. Funding
      1. Research Highlights
        1. ICR
        1. C-BASE (STEM)
        1. CUMBRES

Real Estate/Facilities Committee Page 172

  • Steve Gabel, Chair

Executive Session

Open Session


Friday, December 6, 2019

Academic Programs and Student Affairs Committee Page 182

  • Dean Singleton, Chair
  • New Degree Programs – CSU-Pueblo:
    • Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Science and Administration 310
    • Bachelor of Science in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry 319
    • Bachelor of Science in Middle School Mathematics Education 333
    • New Online Emphasis Program:  MS Nurse Manager & Leader Program 339
    • Retitled Business Degree Program to BSBA in Marketing 346
    • Retitled Engineering Degree Program to MS in Mechatronics Engineering 348
  • CSU-Pueblo Sabbatical Requests – 2020-2021 385
  • CSU-Pueblo Academic Calendar – 2020-2021 391
  • CSU-Pueblo Program Review Summary 414
  • CSU-Pueblo Renaming Mass Communications and Center for New Media to Department of Media Communication 435 APPROVED
  • CSU-Pueblo Renaming Department of Art to Department of Art and Creative Media 437 APPROVED
  • Student Success and Enrollment – CSU-Pueblo 442

CSU-Pueblo Reports Page 451

  • Student Report – Presented by Kacie Adair 451
    • Updates included:
      • Homecoming
      • Research Symposium
      • PLP Junior Class Project
      • Give Day/Student Emergency Fund
      • Winter Wonderland
  • Faculty Report – Presented by Matthew Cranswick 455
    • Highlights included:
      • Achievements of HSB, CEEPS, CHAS, Library Services
        • October Faculty Senate Meeting
        • November Faculty Senate Meeting
        • Faculty concerns from Faculty Forums
  • President’s report – Presented by Timothy Mottet 461
    • Key Take-Aways:
      • Mr. Alejandro Rojas-Sosa will begin serving as the new Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA) beginning December 9.
        • Based on Fall 2019 enrollment, a shortfall of $1.4 million in tuition revenue is anticipated. Transfers can be made from Extended Studies to cover this amount, as they have experienced a significant increase in online tuition revenue.
        • Three new academic programs are being advanced to BOG for consideration: MS in Nurse Manager and Leader, BAS in Health Sciences, and BS in Middle School Mathematics Education.
        • Professors Leticia Steffen and Aaron Alexander presented the concept of the new School of Creativity and Practice (SoCaP) in CHASSthat integrates Mass Communication, Art, and Music and maps directly to Vision 2028. SoCaP will be comprised of the departments of Art and Creative Media, Media Communication and Music starting fall 2020.  467
        • Our Marketing, Communications and Community Relations office (MCCR) conducted an audit of our marketing activities and financial spend over the past five years. Results showed we are greatly behind in overall spend compared to many of our competitors and recommended media mix and funds ($750k) necessary to achieve our goals of building awareness and enrollment.
        • Campus is preparing for a November 2020 visit from the Higher Learning Commission.
        • For fiscal year 2019, the CSU-Pueblo Foundation received a no-findings report with revenue of over $7 million, with 80% of the Foundation’s expenses going to University programs and scholarships. At the close of fiscal year 2019, the CSU-Pueblo Foundation had assets of over $40 million, which includes a $22 million endowment.
        • A contract for the solar project that was approved by the Board was signed on September 30, 2019. This project will control electricity costs at an annual escalation rate of 3.5%, with projected savings of $3.6 million over the life of the project.
        • The Division of Student Affairs has been restructured. The Division of Student Affairs is now divided into four clusters:
        • Student Life; Student Health and Wellness; Student Support and Advocacy and Student Engagement and Leadership. An Assistant Dean will lead each cluster.
        • Dr. Derek Lopez, Director of Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Initiatives of CSU-Pueblo, was selected as one of 24 individuals to the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) Presidential Leadership Academy, La Academia de Liderazgo.
    • Vision 2028 Update 474

Chancellor’s Report Page 488

Highlights included:

  • CSU-System Wide updates
    • Campus updates, including work with CSU-Pueblo ongoing through BFS Kuali for improved systems and controls.

Government Affairs Update

  • CSU System Government Affairs – Federal
    • CSU System Government Affairs – State, including CSU System’s endorsement of Proposition CC
    • State-wide Partnerships

Strategic Mapping Update 491

National Western Center update 502

Approval of Consent Agenda Page 512APPROVED


Next Board of Governors Board Meeting/Retreat: February 5-7, 2020, Pueblo

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