Board of Governors Meeting Highlights

May 7-8, 2019 – Key Highlights relating to CSU-Pueblo

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Tuesday, May 7

New Board Member’s Oath of Office

  • Russell A. DeSalvo, III
  • Dr. Armando Valdez

Board Chair’s Agenda

Board of Governor’s Excellence in Teaching Award presented to Dr. Aaron Sholders, CSU full-time instructor for the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Audit and Finance Commitee

Jane Robbe Rhodes, Chair

Audit Items

  • Robbe Rhodes reviewed the Status of the FY 2018-2019 Audit Plans: Page 11, Board materials

Finance Items

  • State Budget Update
  • FY 2019 Quarterly Financials – 3nd Quarter 39

CSU-Pueblo Business Financial Services Update

  • State Budget Update: Page 37
  • CSU-Pueblo moving on all recommendations: Page 46
  • CSU-Pueblo Business and Financial Services Update: Page 58

Action on Adoption of FY 2019-2020 E & G Incremental Budget and Related Items 50 – PASSED

  • CSU-Pueblo residential undergrad tuition does not increase
  • CSU-Pueblo Budget approved with an additional $345,000 due to advocacy of Karl Spiecker
  • 3 percent increase for CSU-Pueblo COLA adjustments

Action on Adoption of FY 2020-2021 Combined campuses Capital Construction Priority: page 70 – PASSED

  • CSU-Pueblo – $16,434,000 for the Technology Building is #4 on CSU System Priority List

CSU Treasury Update: page 75

Action on Bond Resolutions: Page 78

  • Sixteenth Supplemental – PASSED
  • First amendments of the Twelfth – PASSED
  • Fifteenth – PASSED

CSU-Pueblo Reports 272

Student Report – Presented by Wes Taylor: Page 273

  • Introduction of Kacie Adair, incoming Student Representative

Faculty Report – Presented by Susan Belport: Page 277

  • Provided a review of the April Faculty Senate meeting and update on the past year
  • Belport announced she will be stepping down as the BOG faculty representative due to expanded job responsibilities as a graduate coordinator. She introduced CSU-Pueblo’s new faculty representative, Dr. Matthew Cranswick, Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry.

President’s report – Presented by Dr. Timothy Mottet 284

Mottet reported on the following initiatives and activities:

  • Governor Tuor’s visit in April and her inspiring messaging to a variety of campus groups and leadership teams that focused on organizational change and leadership.
  • Fall 2019 enrollment, which is anticipated to be significantly better than last year’s 5% decline and progressing towards arresting our enrollment declines. The budget has been revised to reflect a 2% decline, rather than the 3.2% modeled earlier in the cycle, based on new student trends.
  • Aligning expenses with revenues, which required resolving a $3 million deficit to have a balanced budget for FY 20 budget.
  • Academic quality, which included CSU-Pueblo’s multiple improvements in process and procedures in response to concerns from the spring 2017 HLC comprehensive review. Updating and implementing of the General Education assessment plan. Re-accreditation of Business and Nursing. Accreditation for Nursing Doctoral Program.
  • Human Resources, including Karl Spiecker’s retirement announcement, Tanya Baird being appointed as the university’s new Registrar, Tommy Johnson’s hiring as the 11th head women’s basketball coach, and Matt Hammer’s hiring as the 7th head men’s basketball coach.
  • CSU-Pueblo in the News. A list of highlights can be found on page 287
  • Sustainability plan, WORKS: Page 289-335. 
    The following items were discussed:
    • Definition of what it means to become the people’s university by 2028
    • Outlined how we get there
      • Build to our capacity (+1,442 students, 27% increase or $8.1 million)
      • Implement a set of strategic investments totaling $34 million

Enrollment, retention, completion, placement

  • Donna Souder Hodge provided a Power Point summary of the WORKS plan: Page 336
  • Mottet discussed how we will align our current state and future state to those of the System.
    • Our goal of a financially sustainable CSU-Pueblo by 2018
    • Raise $50 million through campaign
    • We will procure $16 Million through external funding
    • We are seeking $34 million to execute Vision 2018

Executive Session

Wednesday, May 8

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Kim Jordan, Chair

New Degree Programs

CSU-Pueblo: Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies – PASSED: Page 431

  • Multiple capable fully online
  • Adult focused
  • CSU-Pueblo Accreditation Schedule for AY18-19 presented by Provost Abdelrahman: Page 477
  • CSU-Pueblo Text book savings: Page 480
  • CSU-Pueblo Service Learning Power Point presentation by Provost Abdelrahman: Page 512

Strategic Mapping Update Page 543

  • Update on National Western Center Redevelopment
  • CSU and Bruce Randolph School MOU
  • Youth Action Coalition (YAC)
  • System Mission

Chancellor’s Report: Page 553

Government Affairs Update

  • Bill passed for ICR, keeping academic integrity and as a full academic undertaking

Action on CSU-Pueblo Naming Policy Revisions: APPROVED Page 569

Election Officers Approved


Next Board of Governors Board Meeting/Retreat: June 12-14, 2019, Gaylord of the Rockies

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