CSU Board of Governors Meeting Highlights

February 5, 2021 – Key Highlights relating to CSU-Pueblo

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Friday, February 5, 2021

Public Comment

Board Chair’s Agenda

  • Ratification of Russell DeSalvo as new Board Secretary – APPROVED
  • Teaching Excellence Award
    • The Teaching Excellence Award was presented to Alegria Ribadeneira, Ph.D., professor of Spanish and director of world languages at CSU Pueblo.

Chancellor’s Report Page 6

  • Spur at National Western Update

Annual Safety/Clery Reports 17

  • Jannine Mohr CSU Highlights 25
  • Johnna Doyle CSU-Pueblo Highlights 96
    • CSU Pueblo Legal Counsel Johnna Doyle presented an update of the 2020 Clery Report statistics
    • Updated the board regarding the placement of monitoring cameras on campus
    • Two crisis table top exercises were conducted with campus leadership through the Pueblo Sheriff’s office

Audit and Finance Committee Page 147

Jane Robbe Rhodes, Chair

Audit Items

  • Internal Audit Dashboard 150
  • Status of FY 2020 Audit Plan 151
  • Review of Audit Reports Issued 152
  • Status of Past Due Audit Recommendations 158

Finance Items

  • State Budget Update 164
    • FY 2021 2nd Quarter Financial Statements 165
    • Campus Budget Updates and Tuition Discussion 174
    • Action on CSU Non-Resident Undergraduate Summer Tuition 181  APPROVED
    • CSU System Treasury Update 185
      • Action on Twenty First Supplemental Resolution 191  APPROVED

Colorado State University Reports Page 218

  • Student Report – Presented by Hannah Taylor 219
  • Faculty Report – Presented by Stephanie Clemons 221
  • President’s Report – Presented by Joyce McConnell 223

CSU-Pueblo Reports Page 261

  • Student Report – Presented by Hanna Douglass 262

Updates included:

  • Mentorship Program – CSU Pueblo Pack Pal program has made some big steps. ASG identified 10 students to initiate the program. On January 21st the students will go through training with Dax Charles, a current mentor of United Ways.
    • ASG is working on things they can do for CAU Pueblo students this semester. One small thing ASG has put together are care packages for the students. With students having weekly testing, ASG is distributing the packages to the students when they get tested. The packages include hand sanitizers, lip balm, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and face masks.
    • In December the Director of Finance, Taylor Blackwell, assembled and delivered over 100 goodie bags to gift to a local nursing home, Genesis, on Christmas on behalf of ASG.
    • Normally ASG arranges a special event on Valentine’s Day that takes place in the library. This event includes card making, a selfie backdrop, and more. ASG is working to continue this tradition with alterations due to the current climate. 
  • Faculty Report – Presented by Neb Jaksic Page 264

Highlights included:

  • Faculty ActivitiesTeaching: Apart from a few exceptions, most faculty are teaching in a remote mode. Faculty continue their engagement in educational research, e.g. Artificial Intelligence Workshop for High School Teachers was just offered January 15th.Scholarly and Creative Activities: Faculty scholarly and creative contributions continue. Drs. M. Rashad Islam, M. Abdullah Al Faruque, Bahar Zoghi, and Sylvester A. Kalevela published a book titled Engineering Statics through CRC Press.Service: As before, faculty continue to serve our campus community and the public through numerous internal and external committees and boards.
    • Faculty Senate
      • January Faculty Senate Meeting
        • Passed Motions – None.
      • Committee Membership Restructure 
        • The second reading and vote was postponed for a motion on new committees and boards as well as on changes to some existing boards to accommodate participation of senior lecturers. This was requested by the Provost.
        • Motions – First Reading
          • A. Course withdrawal, then subsequent add policy/procedure
    • Committee Reports
      • FPP: Investigating Visiting Professor positions: the definition, role, and possibly a different title
      • GenEd Board: No report
      • GSB: Rhonda Gonzales gave a presentation on ProQuest and thesis submission. A SWOT analysis was performed in a group setting. Additional Slate training was performed.
      • SAB: SEED grant proposals deadline is February 1st 5:00PM
        • Aligning of calendars was further discussed. The results of the faculty survey were available. However, the calendar options were not well articulated (e.g. What happens with the Commencement week?). Also, the opinions of the CSUP students were not considered yet. Anecdotally (sample size 12), students prefer the current calendar.
  • President’s Report – Presented by Timothy Mottet Page 266

Highlights included 10 Top Take Aways:

  • As of 1/15, the Friday before the start of classes, CSU Pueblo’s headcount enrollment Spring 2021 was trending 6.5% lower (229 students) than this time last year, about 3 percentage points higher than the decline we saw this past fall.
  • Our applications for Fall 2021 are currently tracking about 30% lower than last year at this time; deposits, however, have more than doubled compared to this time last year.
  • Our COVID 19 testing facility is operational and we are processing on average 800 tests per week.
  • Revenues will be approximately $500K below budgeted figures at year end. If current operating expense projections materialize, we will have a favorable variance offsetting the operating revenue projections. The net effect will result in CSU Pueblo meeting budgetary targets for FY21.
  • We are developing two student experiences stemming from Vision 2028. “CSU Pueblo Pathways” is a new approach to onboarding and holistic advising that is designed to provide students with a clear understanding of what it takes to achieve their ultimate goals. “CSU Pueblo Works” recognizes that many CSU Pueblo students have to work to afford to go to college. Rather than our seeing their work as a challenge that we have to work around, we are integrating their work into their pathway.
  • The developmental math curriculum was evaluated and revised in 2018-2019. The percentage of students passing the college-level math in the Fall increased from 29.5% in F 2018 to 54.3% in Fall 2019 and 58% in Fall 2020.  
  • We announced the 2021 recipient of the Distinguished University Professor award, Alegria Ribadeneira, Ph.D., professor of Spanish and director of world languages at CSU Pueblo.
  • All 32 audit recommendations from the internal Accounts Receivable (A/R) audit issued on June 2, 2019 have been completed, and all recommendations have been implemented.
  • Athletics had a cumulative grade point average of 3.044 in 21 varsity teams this fall 2020. The highest team GPA was 3.751 by women’s soccer. Seventeen of 21 teams had a 3.0 GPA or higher, including eight teams with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • CSU Pueblo’s CyberWolves placed first in the Deloitte West Mountain Cyber Security Cup competition, held virtually, Dec. 5, 2020. 

Additional updates

  • Enrollment – Spring 2021
    • 7% below (258 students)
    • Down 6.3% current
    • Undergraduate down 60
    • Graduate up 
    • Online up 24%
  • Vision 2028 Implementation 271
    • 17 Metrics in place for the university’s three main Institution goals 
      • Expanding our appeal
      • Enhancing student success
      • Developing our people
  • Change to Admin Pro Handbook
    • Language changes made regarding performance evaluation

CSU-Global Reports Page 279

  • Student Report – Presented by Nicole Hulet 280
  • Faculty Report – Presented by Harriet Austin 281
  • President’s Report – Presented by Pamela Toney 283

Academic and Student Affairs Committee Page 287

Steve Gabel, Chair

  • CSU: Faculty Manual Changes: C. Elected Members 289
  • Sabbatical Reports 
    • CSU 292
    • CSU Pueblo 330
      • Sabbatical reports from the following CSU Pueblo faculty can be found beginning on page 330:
        • Dr. D. Madison Furrh, Associate Professor of English
        • Dr. Judy Gaughan, Associate Professor of History
        • Dr. Steve Liebel, Associate Professor of Political Science
        • Dr. Yoanna Long, Associate Professor of CIS
        • Dr. Yvonne Montoya, Associate Professor of English
  • CSU Pueblo Academic Report 333
    • Faculty News
      • Media communication faculty members Samuel Ebersole and Justin Bregar are producing an episode of Colorado Experience on Rocky Mountain PBS about the 1921 Pueblo flood. 
      • CSU Pueblo lecturer in the School of Health Science and Human Movement, Karen Marley, received the 2020 Joy of Effort Award from the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) America.
    • Students & Programs in the News
      • CSU Pueblo and the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) signed a contract in 2020, to enable youth in the Division of Youth Services (DYS) to enroll in college courses while in youth services care. 
      • Successfully achieved candidacy for the Master of Social Work program and re-affirmed the Bachelor of Social Work program for another eight years. 

Approval of Consent Agenda 521  APPROVED

  • Colorado State University System
  • Minutes of the December 3, 2020 Board Meeting and Committee Meetings
  • Minutes of the December 29, 2020 Executive Committee Meeting
  • Colorado State University
    • Faculty Manual Change C. Elected Members
  • CSU Pueblo:
    • Admin Pro Handbook: Performance Evaluations – Changes APPROVED

Real Estate/Facilities Committee 341

Russell DeSalvo, Chair

Executive Session

Executive Session 343

Adjourn Board Meeting

Next Board of Governors Board Meeting: May 5-6, 2021

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